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Dr. Jerry Fonke

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A Journey to Chiropractic Wellness

Dr. Jerry has always been drawn to non-invasive, holistic approaches to health. His early fascination with natural wellness revolved around exercise, nutrition, and maintaining a positive mental attitude.

However, in 1986, his pursuit of health took a new direction after he injured his lower back while training in karate. “At age 32, I had great difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and functioning throughout the day. I was absolutely miserable and had no knowledge of chiropractic at that time.”

A Transformative Introduction

At the fitness center where he trained, Dr. Jerry met Dr. Jeff Baldwin, a local chiropractor. Seeing Dr. Jerry’s pain and distress, Dr. Baldwin assured him that chiropractic care could help. Relieved to find a drug-free solution to his discomfort, Dr. Jerry scheduled an evaluation and learned about vertebral subluxations in his spine.

After his first adjustment, he experienced significant relief, and with subsequent adjustments, his pain was gone. “I was totally amazed at this approach to health that used the body’s natural healing ability. Finally, I found the answer to health that I had been searching for my entire adult life.”

A Comprehensive Chiropractic Education

Dr. Jerry holds an undergraduate degree in Public Health from East Carolina University and earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University after serving seven years in the United States Air Force.

While at Life, he was impressed with the comprehensive curriculum that delved into spinal anatomy, neurology, physiology, nutrition, and adjusting techniques. He learned that the body is inherently self-healing, with the nervous system playing a crucial role in this process.

“Every dimension of the human experience—everything we think, feel and do is processed through the nervous system. When there is interference with the function of the nervous system, not only does it compromise your physical health, it alters your perception of the world and limits your ability to respond to your environment. Chiropractors locate and correct the cause of this interference.” said Dr. Jerry.

Opening Fayetteville Family Chiropractic

In 1992, Dr. Jerry opened the practice in Fayetteville, where he and his family have been residents since 1961. He continues to see his chiropractor weekly to maintain an interference-free nervous system and strengthen his immune system. This commitment to regular adjustments has led to remarkable health outcomes over the years.


An Active Life Outside the Practice

Dr. Jerry leads an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with family, engaging in sports, and attending church. He is a proud grandfather of one granddaughter, with another on the way!

Let Us Make a Difference in Your Life

Dr. Jerry continues to treat patients in the office two days a week, offering personalized care and expert guidance to improve health and quality of life. Schedule an appointment today.


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